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This hotel wants to inform its customers that to avoid contagion among our guests, special attention will be paid to hygiene, cleanliness, general health policy and disinfection of door handles, switches, handrails, controls and everything that is often handled. We also want to emphasize that the cleaning staff is of our own, controlled, supervised and following the protocols of the company’s Occupational Risk Prevention technician. Guests are asked to leave the room with the window open and limit the use of air conditioning. This is the protocol that hotels must follow from ICTE:



  • Maximum capacity in the reception area is 2 people or 2 families, guests who wish can wait in the living room. The receptionist has protection, however the customer can choose to wear it or stay a meter and a half from the counter.
  • There will be a hydroalcoholic solution in the reception area.
  • It is recommended to make the payment before arriving in the form of a transfer or Bizum to avoid contact with items that could be infected. Immediately, they will receive the invoice via email.
  • Room keys are placed in a container with disinfectant at the end of the stay.
  • We have a non-contact thermometer in order to carry out the appropriate checks in the case of customers with symptoms compatible with Covid-19.
  • Guests can provide their IDs via Whatsapp or email prior to arrival in order to speed up the time they can be at the reception and/or not have contact with anything. However, the establishment has a registration system via electronic tablet where identity documents can be scanned with a contactless system, in the event that they are new customers.


  • As a general measure, customer manipulation or intervention has been reduced. In the specific case of the buffet, formulas have been implemented such as the assisted buffet, among others. The quality and variety of breakfast will not change in any way.
  • We have removed commonly used equipment and decorative items.
  • All the crockery material is sanitized using a dishwasher at a higher temperature than recommended.
  • Inside the dining room there will be limited seating so that guests can maintain a social distance. The breakfast tables have been rearranged for this purpose. The utensils will not be shared and the staff will make sure that customers have everything they need to avoid risks.


  • There is a reduction in textiles in the room, including carpets, decorative objects and amenities. The bathroom bin has a lid, double bag and non-manual opening.
  • Blankets and pillows in the closets will be protected.
  • The hair dryer (including the filter) and the hangers are sanitized at the customer’s exit.
  • Ironing service inside the room has been limited. Customers who need it will be offered.
  • We have removed the bin from the room so that any handkerchiefs, masks, etc. will concentrate on a single one with a lid.

Common areas

  • The use of the lift will be limited to a single client, family or couple. The doors will stay open longer for better ventilation.
  • Special attention is paid to the cleaning and disinfection of common areas.
  • The establishment will determine the capacity of the various common areas, where there will be a hydro-alcoholic solution in places of passage and in those facilities of intensive use by customers.
  • The common areas toilets have paper dispensers for drying with non-manual opening bins and will have a double bag inside.

Cleaning plan

  • Increased cleaning and overhaul frequencies, especially in areas of greater contact.
  • Daily ventilation of rooms in which there are or have been customers.
  • Safe use of disinfectant cleaning products, ie freshly prepared bleach solution and 62-71% concentrations and ethanol.
  • Cleaning utensils are cleaned and disinfected after daily use.
  • In the rooms, priority will be given to ventilation and we recommend that guests ventilate their room while they are there, if the weather permits.
  • Special attention will be paid to the cleaning of walls, floors, ceilings, mirrors and windows, furniture, equipment and decorative and functional elements.


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